Built For Caffeine

Inspiring home design through incredible café fit-outs.
Perfect for all DIY-ers and aspiring 
interior designers.

In Built For Caffeine I have created a book full of home design inspiration adapted from the creative elements of twenty amazing cafés from around New Zealand.

Why cafés you ask?

Cafés are wonderful places. I spend hours each week appreciating their fit-outs and pondering how certain aspects could be applied to residential design. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Cafés create a sense of community, belonging and communal living. They enable conversations. Provide places to relax. Create meeting spots. Just like a home should.

In Built For Caffeine you will discover different approaches to home renovation and building as told by the owners, designers and architects of each café. Hear how they each went about transforming their derelict spaces into chic interiors. Each story is packed with handy advice, practical tips and inspiring drive that you can apply to your very own home.

You will also find over sixty of my design ideas that you can apply at home. From eye-catching splash backs and creative table tops to entire aesthetic philosophies and suggested combinations of building materials.

View some selected pages from Built For Caffeine in the flip-book below for a taste of what’s inside.

     ”Full of inspiration, Built For Caffeine reveals that fresh interiors and good coffee
      are often found in the same place” – Your Home and Garden

     ”Written in Ben’s typically approachable style, he makes creative design accessible
      to the man on the street” – Herald on Sunday

     ”Crawford writes (and photographs) with enthusiasm and admirable flair.
      A fun book with definite panache” – New Zealand Listener




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RRP | $49.99 NZD
Publisher | Beatnik Publishing
Hardcover | 220 Pages | Full Colour
Size | 204mm x 274mm x 20mm
Photography | Ben Crawford
Words | Ben Crawford